Cup & Saucer: Blue Rose by Okura Art China

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What is Okura Art China

(Source: OAC)

Founded in 1919, Okura Art China has since created various products, which have been appreciated by Japanese people as the country’s finest tableware. Known simply in Japan as “Okura China”, our products are used at the Imperial Household Agency, the State Guesthouse for VIPs from abroad as well as first class hotels and restaurants. (Source: Okura Art China)

Blue Rose

One of the most popular design in OAC which has more 90 years history from its birth in 1928..

The design is created by a very unique technique by OAC.
The fully fired white material is painted with cobalt paint and then fired again at a high temperature of 1460 degrees. Meanwhile, the cobalt paint blends softly with the glaze, creating a beautiful pattern while adding depth and kindness.



Manufacturer: Okura Art China
Origin: Japan
Size: Cup Φ 9.5cm  SaucerΦ 14.5cm
Capacity: 200ml